Junior Recitals


Entrants must be ....

Entrants must be students of teachers who are members of the DCFMC and have studied for at least one year.  To be eligible for the Eleven-and-Under recital, students should not have reached their 12th birthday on the day of the recital.  For judged recitals, students must not have reached their 19th birthday on the date of the recital.

The Nancy Peery Marriott Competition

The Nancy Peery Marriott Competition has been made possible by our long-time member Nancy Peery Marriott.  The best performance of a piece by a Romantic or Impressionistic composer is awarded $200 and a 2nd prize of $100.  The winners are offered the opportunity to perform at Strathmore Mansion.  Teachers presenting students in this competition must be members of the DCFMC.

Baroque Festival

This annual event provides an opportunity for students to play from memory pieces from the Baroque period.

Jazz, Rock and Blues Recital

This annual event in memory of Attrus C. Fleming provides an opportunity for students to play from memory pieces from the Jazz/Blues genre of music.

11 and Under Recital

In order to encourage younger performers, we have Recital specifically for pianists who are 11 years old and younger.

Late-Intermediate/Advanced Recital (Critiqued)

Newly added this year are the two judged recitals to motivate students to endeavor to achieve a higher level of repertoire.  The Late-Intermediate/Advanced Recital will include any classical repertoire to be memorized with an 8 minute limit.  Performers will have an opportunity to receive a non-competitive critique.

The Duet/Ensemble series will include duets for one piano, four hands;  two pianos, four hands; two pianos, eight hands (piano quartet); or any combination of piano with other instruments, i.e., harp, brass or strings, etc.  The genre of music can be Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, Twentieth Century/Jazz and Blues.  Entrants are not required to memorize compositions. 


Duet/Ensemble Recital

We are excited to add the Duet/Ensemble to the DCFMC recital series.  This will not be a judged event. 

The requirements will encompass the following:

  • One Piano compositions for four hands
  • Two Piano compositioins for two pianos, four hands
  • Two Piano compositions for two pianos, eight hands
  • The repertoire can be from all periods of music for Intermediate to Advanced
  • Memorization is not a requirement, however if memorized, that will be fine.
  • Compositions should not be longer thant 5 - 10 minutes in length depending on the level of difficulty.

APPLICATION INFO, RULES, APPLICATION can be downloaded from this site.  Go to "Recital Rules/Applications" page.